Elsa Magic Rescue Game

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Olaf friend Elsa is always hungry, although a snowman, and today asked Elsa hamburgers. Unfortunately, the workers of the castle are on vacation, so Elsa has no choice than to cook it only Olaf baby food, to be the village, and feel happy because it was fed by his favorite person in the whole world's mistress, Elsa. Look carefully over this description, and beyond, but above all, for it contains important information about the game that will help you play easily as your way to win the game to be simple, and without any problem. At your disposal will be the best products such as bagels, salads, meat, tomatoes, cucumbers, various sauces, all of which can use them to cook the best hamburger ever eaten portion of the Frozen Princess Elsa, who will be very proud of what he did with you. 


Follow the instructions in game.